About Us

Thomas Toynton & Craig Tunks – Owners

Tom Toynton

Tom is a certified personal trainer, yoga therapist, and QiGong instructor with over two decades of experience in wellness practices. He specializes in enhancing strength, balance, and mobility, and equips his clients with effective mindfulness techniques to improve their daily living. Dedicated to making wellness achievable for everyone, Tom designs programs that are adaptable and easy to follow. As the lead instructor at Holistic Health and Happiness, he is committed to guiding individuals through practical steps to boost their overall quality of life.

Craig Tunks

Craig is a certified yoga therapist and QiGong instructor with more than 20 years of experience in the field of wellness. He is dedicated to helping people from all backgrounds find balance and enhance their well-being through tailored wellness programs. Craig’s approach is practical and grounded, focusing on how structured exercise and mindfulness can lead to more fulfilling lives. He has witnessed firsthand the transformative power of these practices across various age groups and is eager to guide others on their path to improved health and happiness.

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