Our Story

We met in 1998 while we were both working in the finance industry. Tom moved to the northeast from Oregon to accept a position at the same credit union where Craig worked. We immediately recognized a deeply spiritual connection and knew we would be lifelong friends and companions. We also had much in common that included individual experiences in meditation, psychic practice, Taoism, Tai Chi, and energy healing. While continuing to explore those and other wellness practices, we embarked on a more than a 20-year path that focused on work in the education field. We also pursued various interests that included several professional and creative business ventures and traveled extensively.

During this time, we explored our spiritual “bond” through past-life regression, the study of energy flow, and deep meditation with the support of gifted energy practitioners. While spirituality and our bond were an important part of who we were and our lives, it was always separate from our professional work. We were both drawn to education and received great satisfaction and fulfillment from the work we did, but over the years began to realize that there was something crucial missing from our lives. We didn’t know what it was, so kept focusing on our work, family obligations, and plans for the future.

Then the pandemic hit, and like many others, we began to reflect upon our lives at a much deeper level. We remembered the intense spiritual practice that had brought us so much joy and began increasing our practice back to what it used to be. In addition to meditation, Tai Chi, and energy practice, we began working with a Korean-based program, Body and Brain, and participated in a “Finding Trueself” workshop. It was during this workshop and the intense practice and meditations that followed that the veil finally lifted, and we understood the message. The universe was showing us our inner calling and how we were meant to help people and that the time had come to pursue that path wholeheartedly.

To prepare to meet this calling, we expanded even further and participated in many training programs reflective of various modalities and practices. Similar to how we are complementary to each other, we wanted to provide a program that was complimentary and accessible to everyone. So we increased our training and knowledge in QiGong, Yoga, Tai Chi, breath work, and meditation, and incorporated higher vibrational frequency training, which resonated with both of us as an integral element of spiritual growth. In particular, Craig’s realization through meditation that gratitude was a core element missing in today’s society aligned well with those teachings. Then we combined what we learned from all of these modalities and practices to create programs that should appeal to everyone and provide multiple paths to greater health and happiness.

But a practice needs an appropriate home, and we have found ours in Highland, NY, at 24 Main St. in a building built in 1814 with a great deal of history and positive energy. We immediately felt connected with the people we met here and the local community in general and knew that we had found the right place to call home and share our practice. During a trip to Sedona in 2021, Tom experienced a strong vision of our studio and how we would help many people and the surrounding community. We are working hard to renovate 24 Main to make that vision a reality for greater Highland. 

Tom is the primary general contractor coordinating our licensed professionals and working on renovating this amazing space and ensuring that it will be aligned with our personal connection with nature. With a studio that sits in a forest and elements of nature and positive spiritual energy from around the world, the space will be both inviting and supportive to help our members strengthen their own connections while strengthening their bodies and finding greater peace and happiness in their lives. We look forward to opening soon and welcoming you into our practice, and continuing down this path together.

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