Class Descriptions

QiGong Energy Flow Class

Improve your strength, flexibility, relaxation, energy levels, and overall health with this comprehensive 60-minute class. Experience the benefits of qigong as we integrate tai chi flows and yoga stretches with deep breathing and meditation in movements that are easily modifiable for all ability levels. Many of the exercises are easily replicable at home when you need additional stress relief, help focusing your mind on tasks, or are having trouble sleeping.

Chair Assistance

In our QiGong classes, we ensure that every movement and technique can be adapted whether you are standing or sitting in a chair. This makes our programs accessible to everyone, regardless of their physical condition or mobility levels. This inclusivity allows participants to engage fully in the practice and experience the benefits of QiGong, such as improved energy flow, increased flexibiilty, and greater peace of mind.

Mid-day QiGong Class

These 30-minute sessions are perfect if you are looking to ease into the practice of QiGong and work on strength, mobility, balance, and mindfulness. You will also find them helpful in letting go of stress and recharging your energy in the middle of the day (like on a lunch break). Be guided through mindful breathing, relaxation techniques, and simple movements that will help improve balance, coordination, mobility, and overall wellbeing.

Special Programs

Stronger Together Class

Developed for children with autism and their adult buddy. This 1-hour session allows the children to be in touch with their bodies and mind, as well as a develop a deeper connection with themselves.  The program can help participants enhance focus, develop an awareness of breath and body while promoting relaxation and reduce stress through gentle movements and guided visualization exercises. Join us for this remarkable journey on Saturday mornings.

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