Experience Healing and Harmony

Discover the serene and healing practice of Jyorei in our exclusive program, designed to offer individualized attention and care. Limited to ten participants per hour, this program provides a unique opportunity to experience Jyorei with a skilled practitioner in a private, 10-minute session.

What is Jyorei?
Jyorei is a Japanese spiritual healing practice that focuses on the sharing of ‘Light’ – a metaphor for divine energy – to purify and harmonize the spirit, mind, and body. This practice involves a Jyorei practitioner directing this energy toward the recipient without physical contact, fostering well-being, peace, and emotional balance. Jyorei is a non-invasive and gentle practice, often described as a journey towards spiritual clarity and physical rejuvenation.

Program Highlights:

1. Personalized Jyorei Session: Engage in a 10-minute one-on-one session with an experienced Jyorei practitioner. This intimate setting ensures personalized attention and a deep, focused healing experience.

2. Harmonizing Energy: Experience the tranquility and restorative power of Jyorei. Feel the subtle yet profound shifts in your energy as you receive this healing Light.

3. Calm and Serene Environment: Our sessions are conducted peacefully and are conducive to relaxation and spiritual connectivity.

4. Open to All: This program is open to anyone interested in exploring the benefits of Jyorei, regardless of their prior experience with spiritual practices.

5. Complimentary Offering: We are pleased to offer this program free of charge as part of our commitment to sharing the benefits of Jyorei with the community

Important Note:
Please arrive on time to ensure a seamless experience for all participants. Timely arrival is crucial as it allows us to accommodate each individual without rushing, ensuring everyone receives the full benefit of their Jyorei session.

Join us for this unique opportunity to explore the healing art of Jyorei. Embrace peace, healing, and spiritual nourishment in your busy life.

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